Do you have a Woocommerce eshop? Do you want to upgrade your business quality and adopt a user friendly, fully responsive ordering proccess?

If you do so, then what is best than sending an SMS Notification to your clients once the status of their orders has been changed? So any client is up to date regarding the status of his order! provides a free Woocommerce SMS Notification Extension Module Plugin, that can be installed on any Woocommerce website and add the functionality that is described above.

You can get our Woocommerce SMS Module and upgrade your eshop's services fast & easy, by dropping us an email at

What our Woocommerce SMS Extension Module provides:

1) the admin can send sms to all or specific clients of his at once.

2) when an order is placed, the admin and the client receives a notification sms

3) when an order's status is changed, the client receives a notification SMS (only for those statuses that you will make this feature available)

4) the admin can

- see how many sms are left in his account (via the web interface)

- check if his eshop is correctly connected with gateway (via the web interface)

- set the Sender ID that the SMS sent from his eshop will have.

- check from web interface, his Delivery Reports, so he/she knows whether the SMS were delivered or not

Check our Woocommerce SMS Module Installation Documentation page, so you can easily install our module and get started.