How to Create Revenue Winning Lead Management Strategy

Date: January 24, 2017 Category: Unkategorisiert
CRM system

What is lead management?

Lead management involves getting to make your prospective customers know your business and the services it offers. It is like a learning process between the prospective customer and the business. This process builds confidence in your customers. A good CRM system is essential in getting this process right since the leads can be stored in the CRM.

Creating A Strategy

For a business to succeed, leads have to be converted to sales. With a lot of time and resources being put into getting these leads, it is necessary to create a strategy to manage such leads. Planning is essential for this to work. The planning should not be left to just the marketing team to handle. Ideally the planning should be done by both the marketing and sales teams.

Since there are going to be several leads coming in, there is a need to categorize such leads and know what leads to follow and what leaves to leave. The teams also have to look at the existing customers and know what the general mindset of such customers is so as to know what leads to follow. This is a good step in getting to know the needs or mindset of the prospective customers so one can know how to fashion the right content and service to the right prospective customer.

While creating a strategy, create a sample customer profile including things like the location, the age and some other personal information to make up a detailed profile. Now have a look at this profile and work through different thought processes to be able to decide what will best suit a customer like the one in the profile. What will such a customer like, based on his personality, his age, his location and background. This process will help you reach decisions as to what to offer future leads and convert them to customers.

The process of managing leads and converting them to actual sales cannot be done in a hurry. Patience is required to get this step right and you will need to keep improving the strategy as you move on.