Is the SMS Reseller White Label Solution free of charge?

Yes it is!

What do i need to do, to obtain a brand new turnkey bulk sms website?

  1. Create an Account
  2. Register a Domain Name (you can use our Registrar Services)
  3. Obtain a Linux Web Hosting package (you can use our Web Hosting Services)
  4. Give us your logo and the texts that you want us to put inside your website
  5. Choose the theme that you want us to use to create your website (see the available themes in the  Order Form)
  6. You are ready!

Fill in the White Label Solution Order Form and lets start!

Which are the payment methods of a bulk sms white label website?

We currently provide 2 payment methods:

  1. paypal
  2. bank account's transfer(text display)

Please describe me the whole process

what will be delivered to you is a complete bulk sms website. your users will be able to create accounts and send bulk sms, check their delivery reports and generally have all the basic features a bulk sms website would have.

you as the owner, will have an account at, so this account will be connected with your bulk sms website. So when you want to see your credit balance, you will login into the web panel and check it. You will also be able to add credits to your account via the web panel via paypal.

you will also have access to the member list of your website, the pages of your website and generally everything that your website has, as it will be developed in wordpress which is a state of the art CMS.

so you will be buying your sms from us(via the web panel), your users will buy their sms from you (at the prices you will set) and you will be able to have a pure profit, out of a lucrative business sector just as Bulk Messaging!

You will be able to promote your website just like any other website or online business, and do whatever you think of.

Which are the exact features of a White Label Bulk Sms Website?

user can:

  1. send sms to a number
  2. send sms to a group
  3. create contact groups
  4. import contacts from excel or txt
  5. schedule sms
  6. check delivery reports
  7. export delivery reports
  8. buy sms online via paypal


admin can:

  1. view the complete user's list
  2. add/delete user balance
  3. set his paypal details
  4. set his own currency
  5. add/edit/delete his desirable sms packages
  6. check the transaction-histoyry, made via paypal
  7. activate/deactivate a user's account

Which are the available languages that a bulk sms website can be built in?

We currently support the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Greek

Which are the supported characters that a user can use within his sms message?

The supported characters are all the english characters plus all the gsm7 alphabet characters(depending on each country's provider support). Unicode sms are not currently supported

Which are the required features of a hosting plan that will host our bulk sms website??

the minimum required features are the following:
- 500MB web space
- 2GB bandwidth
- 1 MySql Database
- your web hosting must be suitable for WordPress
- cpanel(preferred) or plesk

What else will provide us, as a reseller partner? will provide you the following services/features:
- 24/7/365 Support
- Documentation on managing your website
- The ability to buy credits online and load them instantly to your account
- Promotional tips & tricks so you can promote your website effectively
- Note Telecom's accredited Reseller Badge